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öLego LOTR, Uruk-hai - Berserker

Berserker Uruk-Hai is an Orc-man breed with Orcs by Saruman. They bear the white hand of Saruman. A group of Uruk-hai pursues the Fellowship towards Amon Hen. Later on, 10,000 Uruk-hai attack the Rohirrim and the Fellowship at Helm’s Deep. Uruk-hai are much tougher than any other Orc, on some occasions even superior to men and elves. They were once elves but were twisted and changed. Uruk-hai have the same life spans as elves, meaning they can live forever unless killed. The Berserker is a special breed of Uruk-hai. They are harder to kill and are what their name indicates them to be, Berserkers. They fill their helmets with blood which drives them into a blood frenzy and they go berserk.

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