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öLego LOTR, Mordor Orc

Mordor Orcs were once elves corrupted and mutilated by Morgoth, Sauron’s predecessor and teacher. He created orcs to be the infantry in his army. After Morgoth was defeated, the orcs were scattered but later regrouped under the banner of Sauron. They made an attempt to defeat Middle Earth but they were stopped by Elendil Gil-Galad,Elrond,Isildur and the last alliance of elves and men. After this battle, the orcs were scattered into the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood. In Mirkwood, they rallied to the Witch king’s army and made a strike for Arnor in the Misty Mountains. After Sauron regained his power, all the orcs in Mirkwood went to Mordor and started to harass Gondor. Sauruman under Sauron’s guidance, took some orcs of Mordor and created the Uruk-hai also the Mordor Orcs were Saruman’s workforce in his forges. The orcs of Mordor were the brunt of the attack on Minas Tirith.

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