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öLego Custom, Snake Plissken v3

Snake Plissken is a former U.S. Army Lieutenant, serving under Special Forces Unit Black Flight (”Gullfire” was the name of the glider Snake used), with two Purple Hearts, and the youngest soldier to be decorated by the U.S. President for bravery during campaigns in Leningrad and Siberia in World War III against the USSR.

Some time later, he turned to a life of crime, probably due to the perceived betrayal of the United States government during the ”Leningrad Ruse” (which were the events that caused him to lose the use of his left eye) and when his parents were burned alive in their home by the United States Police Force.

Co designer: Per Persson

(svarta pistoler ingår, inte gunmetal som på bilden)

Tyvärr ingår inte denna produkt i vårt sortiment för tillfället.

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